The Dream behind
Yummy Thai

From humble beginnings…

Yummy Thai brings the taste of legitimate Thai Food to Texas. Yummy Thai is as the name clearly states, the most authentically delicious Thai food you will ever taste. Yummy Thai brings a real treat for Thai food lovers, so get ready to program us into your speed dial, and for those who have never had Thai before, get ready to fall in love…guaranteed!

Where are we today?

We are blessed and continue to grow; we now have 3 locations in Texas and expanding with our news location Yummy Thai in Richardson so, thank you Texas for your support.

Fresh ingredients and deep, rich spices are incorporated to delight the senses, and keep you coming back for more. Our authentic Pad Thai is savory, our Tom Kha is aromatic and creamy, and our Curry offerings are delightful!
We are proud to share Yummy Thai Restaurant with our customers from Richardson and Dallas, Texas.
“Welcome to something special and delicious…welcome to Yummy Thai!”
We don’t charge too much for bringing your taste-buds happiness and we provide our services honorably and honestly.